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Many kinds of fish, shellfish and crustaceans are caught for human consumption. Fish is consumed in almost every region across the globe. It is an important source of protein and other nutrients. The fish sector as an industry is involved with the hunting, farming, processing, conservation, storage, transportation, marketing or sales of fish and/or fish products. We often see a combination of these activities. Ultimately, the product is distributed to retail, hospitality or foodservice outlets, and other food companies at home and abroad.

Fish Industry

Customers expect freshness, choice and quality. Sustainability, short ordering cycles and slicing efficiency are perhaps the most common issues that the fish industry is facing.

  • Traceability

    Consumers and retailers alike place ever-higher demands on fish producers. The consumer is in the lead and increasingly chooses to eat sustainable seafood with an MSC or ASC label. Traceability should be the backbone of your back-office administration. You create transparency when you able to simply record where the fish was caught and the information associated with that process. Information that is also important when cooling, freezing and thawing.
  • Slicing efficiency

    Are you filleting or processing your seafood in the most advantageous manner? And how efficiently are you then working? By gaining insight into how efficiently each of your employees slices fish, you can raise your return significantly. Leading to a win-win situation. There is a lot of talk of seafood contamination these days. This often takes place on the surface, calling for a cleaning process that is higher than standard.
  • Food safety & quality

    Clients and the authorities are placing ever-higher demands on the quality and safety of seafood. You as a food company know better than anybody that quality is determined by the location, time and manner of the catch. The quality of the water in which the fish live is equally important. Quality assurance of fish at reception of the catch, respecting the cold supply chain and disinfecting and avoiding cross-contamination are of the essence.
  • Daily prognosis

    Only the fresher fish keep swimming with the stream, they say... In general, we classify fish in the 'fresh, short shelf-life' category. Fresh fish has by definition both a short ordering cycle and a short supply chain. Fresh fish comes in every day and needs immediate fresh delivery, but every day is different. It can be extremely valuable to your business if you can predict what you need to cut or catch on a given day. By reliably aligning demand and supply, food waste can be reduced.
  • Joining the scales

    In the fresh fish business, you are probably faced with the need to weigh articles and therefore make use of scales. Every fish has its own weight and you will want to be certain that the right price is allocated to the right weight. You will want to take care of the weighing and registration process quickly and accurately. So that your inventory levels are up to date. This challenge demands a reliable registration system.
  • Rapidly-changing market

    Recording daily prices, that can sometimes quickly fluctuate, is a complex business. How useful is it when you can effectively and quickly align supply and demand? Issues such as the fluctuating price of diesel play a role in price determination. Insight into reliable and up-to-date market information is important to everyone involved in the procurement and sale of fish. So eat fish in a smart way, when it is available!
  • Overfishing and seafood welfare

    Every year, approximately a trillion fish are caught all over the world. In the Netherlands, approximately four billion fish are caught and 10 million fish farmed every year. Seafood stocks have been subject to overfishing for decades. It looks as if that is about to change. Fish quota and attention to wellbeing is becoming increasingly important. These issues require a back-office administration system that has all processes in good order
  • Insight into management information

    Achieving strategic objectives is increasingly becoming a challenge. We have less time to deliver and need to take decisions faster. The database in your company continues to grow and is becoming less manageable. But you need to take the right strategic and operational decisions quickly. Feel like a fish in the water when you can see in the twinkling of an eye how your business is doing.

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